Webinar on Demand: Protecting the Reputation of the PMO

Pat Millar, managing director with Clarion Consulting discusses practical ways in which project management practitioners can build and protect the reputation of the project management office.  

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Webinar on Demand: State of the Project Management Nation

Tune into our Webinar on Demand and discover the 2012 highlights from our State of the Project management Nation research.  What’s in store for project management practitioners in the months and years ahead?  Click on the link below and find out now.

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James Doyle to lead Clarion Consulting’s Operational Excellence practice

Dublin, Tuesday, 15 May 2012: Leading business and IT consultancy, Clarion Consulting today announced the appointment of James Doyle to lead the company’s newly-established Operational Excellence practice. His key responsibilities include the development and delivery of services to drive operational excellence by empowering organisations to continually improve the quality of customer service, reduce costs, increase […]

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Business recovery at risk as one third of organisations neglect fundamental project management processes

Dublin, Thursday, 19 April 2012: One third of Irish organisations are jeopardising business recovery efforts by failing to put in place documented project management methodologies, according to the results of a survey released today by leading business and IT consultancy, Clarion Consulting.   The report also reveals a marked decrease in the number of organisations using […]

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The Importance of Managing Change in Implementation Projects

Within any implementation project there are multiple life-cycles and frameworks operating in parallel – the ‘Implementation life-cycle’ (providing a framework from the needs assessment, through system selection, implementation and benefits realisation); the ‘Project Management life-cycle’ (providing a structured framework for planning, control, monitoring and executing) and finally the ‘Change Management’ life-cycle (taking the enterprise from […]

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Is Localicious how Yellow/White pages should be using LBM?

There’s no reason for defending failing LBM concepts for their experimental value, or for a single bright feature anymore. This is 2011. We’ve had two years now to analyse this market and predict its development. So really, there is no reasonable defense to be making old mistakes again, as in the case of Localicious. Uhhm, Loca-what? […]

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5 things Foursquare and Facebook places can learn from Google+

Having looked at Google+ over the weekend, it seems there’s enough in there to make a few social media tech firms scratch their heads. Where most people mention Twitter, Facebook and even Skype, I want to zoom in on the location based networking aspect of Google+ I think this will by far be the most […]

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Managing the Complexity of Location Based Marketing

Like any new industry, the location based marketing sector is currently a dynamic sea of different engagement models, tool and platform providers, stakeholders and vertical solutions.  It seems that every week there is a new platform, business model or tool released while others disappear.  Trying to define, plan and execute a location based marketing strategy […]

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