On Time Delivery in Financial Services Sector

Research conducted by Clarion Consulting shows that ‘On Time Delivery’ of projects in the financial  services sector (RED in chart below) is reported at nearly 10% below the standard (14% vs. 23%) when it comes to the upper quadrant of the metric i.e. 76%+ projects completed On Time).


This metric taken with an analysis on project failure reasons, in the sector, shows that compared with the overall responses the sector has challenges with ‘Scope Creep’ and the related issue of ‘Unclear Objectives’ – both issue typically associated with project delays and slippages!


Further analysis of the sector reveals that less than 50% of respondents USUALLY have a ‘Documented Business Case’ in place when starting a project.  There is an obvious opportunity here for the sector to increase capability in relation to project on time delivery by aadopting a more consistent and rigorous governance and control process which insures that a complete business case (with defined project objectives and metrics) is in place and agreed before starting projects. 

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