Cloud Licensing Forces an Issue

In the world of software sales, many companies are capitalizing the knowledge needed to select the right license from a very complex set of possible configurations. Although this expertise will still be required in the future, cloud computing and related pricing models should reduce the complexity for end customers, if software vendors allow it to. […]

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Bread & Games in Marketing 2011

Marketing has always been about influencing behavior, ensuring the desired action as a follow up of a carefully solicited desire. In many ways this influence is becoming more and more direct and local. But is it becoming more fun as well?

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Location Based Marketing Campaign Tools: Time Savers?

2011 will be the year of the location platform ‘wars'; and some consolidation is to be expected. Standards are needed in the areas of location, campaign and transaction. Some platforms will reposition their offering to a functional niche and some will try to strengthen their user base in order to become the category default. We think the decision for consumers and business to jump in the bandwagon will revolve more around privacy and convenience. For the latter, Geotoko is a giant leap forward.

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Project Management Practices: Ireland v Scotland

Scottish and Irish organisations have made a significant investment in project management skills, according to our research. At a high level, many companies have bought into the concept of using project management as a competitive tool and a discipline which can bring real organisational success. At a lower level , some project management processes are […]

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Making the Right Choice: First Time

The decision to invest in a new business or IT system is always a daunting one. Quite apart from the cost of the system itself, there is always significant human resources required to ensure it is implemented in a seamless fashion. Read more.

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Improving Project Selection Processes

Making an informed decision about which projects to spend budget on has always been a challenge for organisations, but when times are tough and resource is scarce, this decision has become even more critical. Read more.

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Mixing It Up

Why a mixed vendor model makes sense when implementing large projects in challenging times. Many businesses are confronted by significant challenges in the months and years ahead. Faced with international currency fluctuations, a more challenging trading environment and downward pressure on margins, companies will be forced to come up with creative ways to protect operating […]

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Making your Project Sponsor Work for You

Every guide to successful project management will tell you that a critical success factor for any project is the presence of a committed, effective project sponsor and few would argue with that. However, as a project manager the effectiveness of the sponsor is outside my control, right? Wrong! There are many things that a project […]

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Developing Competitive Advantage Through Agile Resourcing

Today, all business indicators signal that an organisation’s competitive advantage is driven by its ability to select and deliver projects that are strategically aligned with its overall business goals.The choice of what projects to pursue and invest in directly impacts the organisation’s success. Read more

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The Changing Landscape of Contract Resourcing

In today’s business environment matching the resourcing requirements of organisations and the career objectives of professional contractors has never been more important. Read more……..

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