Change Management

Managing change is critical to the success of all business transformation programs and is central to the pursuit of organisational agility. While the scope and scale of change may vary strong business leadership, clear management commitment and employee engagement underpinned by effective communications are essential characteristics of successful change initiatives.

At Clarion Consulting, we recognise that change ranges from incremental change to more radical “deep structure” change that impacts on the fundamental domains of the organisation (e.g. culture, structure). In some situations, the ‘burning platform’ (such as a financial crisis) can galvanise an organisation and create strong support for rapid change. In many other cases, the speed at which change can take place is dictated not just by the market but also by the range and diversity of stakeholders.

Change programs require careful management and an experienced partner that can help to guide the process. We have extensive experience in managing change including designing and managing major change programmes across a range of sectors. Knowing where to start and how to phase transformation programs greatly increases the chances of success. This knowledge can only be gained from practical experience. We also understand that change needs to be sustainable and believe that any change program should seek to create internal capability to continue to drive incremental change after large-scale change programs have completed.

Our expertise in program and project management, IT and process excellence allow us to design integrated change programs that deliver real benefits.

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