Sustainable IT Cost Reduction

In today’s environment, more and more organisations are under intense pressure to cut IT costs, but many are struggling to do so without impairing business value or service quality.  Without a clear IT Strategy and a “value-add” cost reduction approach, attempts to reduce spend, whilst they may deliver short term cut-backs, can often fall short of achieving a sustainable low cost model which supports the need for IT to deliver measurable business value.

Clarion Consulting brings years of business and IT experience to bear when working with customers to examine how this balance can be achieved and to create a roadmap for sustainable IT cost reduction.

Our business-value driven IT Cost Reduction Framework helps customers define a tangible cost reduction strategy designed with immediate, measurable results in mind – with cost reduction initiatives constantly aligned to company strategy and capabilities.

Our fee structure is tailored to meet our clients individual requirements and includes options such as fixed fee or percentage of savings.

Download the service sheet for more detailed information.