System Selection


Decisions to invest in a new IT or business system are always significant ones.  Quite apart from the financial resource to support such a move, the human input in terms of system selection, the development of project plans and actual system rollout should not be underestimated.

Project failures, of any kind can often be attributed to human error.  It is perhaps not surprising to learn that issues with people occur almost as often as issues with business processes or the technology itself.

By engaging in a properly structured system selection process, these pitfalls can almost always be avoided and companies can ensure that their chosen system or application can deliver a successful and positive outcome – from the outset.

Using an external third party to help with system selection has many benefits.  It not only provides an unbiased and objective framework for system identification and selection but can in certain circumstances, include business process re-alignment which streamlines workflows and delivers greater operational efficiency to the organisation.

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