The Evolving Role of the IT Function in Ireland

Now in its third iteration since 2007, the “Evolving Role of the IT Function in Ireland” examines every facet of IT within public and private organisations.  Five sections in the report cover topics such as the status of the IT function, IT governance and compliance, IT spending and decision-making and IT talent management. Pat Millar […]

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IT Boardroom Membership Grounds to a Halt

Clarion Consulting survey reveals: Just one third of organisations with IT boardroom membership, unchanged from 2009 Increasing perception of IT as a utility and not a strategic engine of business change Only 5 percent of organisations measure IT return on investment and 3 percent measure IT innovation More than half of all organisations have cut […]

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Improving/extending project management capability was ranked last out of 10 priorities in Clarion’s 2009 research into project management practices in Irish Organisations.

Improving project management capability was listed behind ‘Reducing IT/Enterprise costs’, ‘Managing Change Initiatives’ and ‘Launching new products or services’ – despite the fact that all of these initiatives require a mature project management capability in order to be delivered successfully and to return value to the business. How is project management perceived in your organisation? […]

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