Driving Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is having a significant impact on organisations across many sectors.  Not everyone will be impacted to the same degree or at the same pace, but digital transformation represents a very significant change in the way we work and live.  As with all technological advances, separating the hype from the reality is a challenge […]

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3 Big Ways the Nokia/Microsoft deal makes sense for the Location Based Services market

No doubt today’s biggest news in the LBS and mobile blogosphere is that Microsoft and Nokia are forming a strategic partnership in the smartphone market. It’s early days for any form of conclusions, but we can try to make some predictions on what impact this may have on the market for Location Based Service The companies […]

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The T-Mobile Buddy Finder: Lessons from the Past for Location Based Marketing

I clearly remember that day in early 2003. Sitting in the office of T-Mobile The Netherlands, with a working demo of a ‘buddy finder app’ avant la lettre, built on a Windows smartphone. In many ways that pitch represented all the hurdles the mobile revolution still had to take to get where we are now. […]

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