Driving Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is having a significant impact on organisations across many sectors.  Not everyone will be impacted to the same degree or at the same pace, but digital transformation represents a very significant change in the way we work and live.  As with all technological advances, separating the hype from the reality is a challenge but organisations that ignore the impact of digital are taking a significant risk. While the impact of digital is felt in many ways, at Clarion we have experience of clients being impacted in three distinct and key areas,  Customer Engagement, Technology Adoption and Digital Talent.

Customer Engagement

Social channels have a big impact on how people collaborate and how relationships are built and maintained.   Customer expectations in relation to access and service are rising significantly.  The ability to get closer to the customer facilitates a more personalised experience and to gain valuable insights into what they feel about our products and services. Attracting and retaining customers is a key objective of any commercial business and making it easier to do business with your organisation should be an objective for any organisation regardless of sector.

Technology Adoption

The ability to adopt new technologies is an area that you need to consider carefully when defining a digital strategy for your organisation. You need to understand your existing capabilities and take an honest look at whether these are fit for purpose in a digital world.

Digital Talent

The skills required are not just technical skills. Digital demands greater customer facing skills, marketing skills and the ability to drive organisational change.  Accessing the right talent is becoming more challenging all the time and organisations need to look at how they can collaborate with customers, suppliers and Universities to access the skills they need.

These topics are explored in more detail in a recent article from Clarion in eolas magazine.  You can read the full article here.


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