Program & Project Management

By putting an increased focus on projects rather than operations, you can boost operational performance and deliver real business benefits to your organisation.
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IT Consulting

Our team of experienced consultants combine business and technical knowledge to provide a full suite of IT consultancy services, designed to improve performance and increase competitive advantage.
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Process Excellence

We accompany you and your organisation on a journey towards operational excellence that focuses on continuous operational improvement to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.
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Flexible resourcing models allow you to acquire specific skills on an “as needed” basis without having to recruit and retain these skills in-house. We offer a wide range of business and IT specialists for either long-term or short-term contract positions.
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Clarion Sponsoring the 2017 PMI Chapter Conference

  Clarion is once again delighted to be a sponsor of the Ireland Chapter’s national conference this May – details on the conference are available here – PMI Conference Micro-Site. The conference will be showcasing local and relevant speakers and presentations on topics related to how project management enables leaders (regardless of situation and position) […]

We're Hiring - People Like You

Clarion is hiring consultants with experience of Business Transformation, Process Engineering & Excellence, Programme and Project Management.  If you are one of our kind of people, make contact with Lisa (


Driving Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is having a significant impact on organisations across many sectors.  Not everyone will be impacted to the same degree or at the same pace, but digital transformation represents a very significant change in the way we work and live.  As with all technological advances, separating the hype from the reality is a challenge […]

Improve Business Performance

Find out how investing in project management capability can boost operational performance and build sustainable competitive advantage. Deliver more predictable project outcomes and contribute to profitability and bottom line.

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Achieve Competitive Advantage

Achieve competitive advantage through a programme of leadership and teamwork that focuses on continuous and sustained operational improvement. Start the journey – a quest to consistently and reliably meet and exceed customer expectations with cost-effective and efficient operations.

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Deliver More with Less

Cut IT enterprise costs without impairing business value or service quality. Develop a clear IT Strategy and a “value-add” cost reduction approach, sustainable over the long term.

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Gain More Supply Chain Control

Increase efficiencies, drive down costs, accelerate speed to market and increase customer satisfaction. Improve supply chain performance through focus on people, process and technology.

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