Who we are

Founded in 1998, Clarion Consulting is a Business and IT consultancy with four practice areas – Change, Projects, Digital, People. We help our customers to deliver organisational transformation, improve agility and build competitive advantage. We work across multiple sectors and industries and at every level within our customer organisations.

We use best practice methodologies combined with our deep experience to deliver meaningful change that benefits our customers. We are practical and results focussed.

We’re a little different from some consultancies – everyone in Clarion is a practitioner. We don’t have dedicated sales personnel or Directors who don’t get their hands dirty. We believe that if you trust us enough to buy from us, then we should step up and deliver for you.

We stay fresh and keep our skills honed by always being actively involved in the delivery of services to our customers. We only employ experienced consultants who hit the ground running.

What’s great about Clarion is that whoever pitches the sale, delivers the service. There is none of the classic disconnect between sales and delivery – you’re dealing with the same people.”

Michael Hughes, DTO Manager, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland


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Our People

Pat Millar

Managing Director

Lisa Gough


Ronan Foley


Robert Hughes

Director, UK

About our Logo

Our logo may look a little abstract at first, but it actually represents two key elements of our business and our approach to our customers. Firstly, two inverted question marks represent Clarion’s ability to turn our customers problems around; take an alternative view of matters. Secondly, two people facing each other represents Clarion working in partnership with our customers.

We really believe that successful transformation is achieved when we work in close partnership with our customers. We don’t dictate, we listen carefully and work collaboratively; bringing our experience, knowledge and research to design pragmatic solutions. Together is better.




PMI research shows that organizations who undervalue project management as a strategic competency report an average of 67% more of their projects failing outright. Join the other 33% - Our People / Your Success. https://www.pmi.org/about/blog/tips-to-find-the-perfect-talent-technology-balance

Research from PMI shows that on average 11.4 percent of investment is wasted due to poor project performance. Where the level of investment may be constrained by external factors (think COVID) that 11% can be the difference between growth and decay. https://www.pmi.org/about/blog/tips-to-find-the-perfect-talent-technology-balance