Web Summits, Innovation and Gantt Charts!

As the Web Summit rocks into town again, for the last time in the foreseeable future, it brings along with it the annual excitement and hyperbole about innovation, pivoting, running lean and so on.  It can be easy to think that project management has no place in the worlds of the Web Summit and start-ups.  […]

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Webinar on Demand: State of the Project Management Nation

Tune into our Webinar on Demand and discover the 2012 highlights from our State of the Project management Nation research.  What’s in store for project management practitioners in the months and years ahead?  Click on the link below and find out now.

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The Importance of Managing Change in Implementation Projects

Within any implementation project there are multiple life-cycles and frameworks operating in parallel – the ‘Implementation life-cycle’ (providing a framework from the needs assessment, through system selection, implementation and benefits realisation); the ‘Project Management life-cycle’ (providing a structured framework for planning, control, monitoring and executing) and finally the ‘Change Management’ life-cycle (taking the enterprise from […]

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Is Localicious how Yellow/White pages should be using LBM?

There’s no reason for defending failing LBM concepts for their experimental value, or for a single bright feature anymore. This is 2011. We’ve had two years now to analyse this market and predict its development. So really, there is no reasonable defense to be making old mistakes again, as in the case of Localicious. Uhhm, Loca-what? […]

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Managing the Complexity of Location Based Marketing

Like any new industry, the location based marketing sector is currently a dynamic sea of different engagement models, tool and platform providers, stakeholders and vertical solutions.  It seems that every week there is a new platform, business model or tool released while others disappear.  Trying to define, plan and execute a location based marketing strategy […]

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The Evolving Role of the IT Function in Ireland

Now in its third iteration since 2007, the “Evolving Role of the IT Function in Ireland” examines every facet of IT within public and private organisations.  Five sections in the report cover topics such as the status of the IT function, IT governance and compliance, IT spending and decision-making and IT talent management. Pat Millar […]

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3 Big Ways the Nokia/Microsoft deal makes sense for the Location Based Services market

No doubt today’s biggest news in the LBS and mobile blogosphere is that Microsoft and Nokia are forming a strategic partnership in the smartphone market. It’s early days for any form of conclusions, but we can try to make some predictions on what impact this may have on the market for Location Based Service The companies […]

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CIO CV – Marketing Skills Essential

As businesses struggle to do more with less, the pressure falls on the IT function and the CIO to demonstrate the value add of IT or risk being seen as a cost centre to be cut. This pressure, to demonstrate the business value of IT will continue to increase and CIOs need to accept this […]

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Location Based Marketing Association EMEA Survey 2011: The Infographic

Answering my own question, whether Europe is missing the LBS Train, the results of the LBMA 2011 Survey are showing an even adoption rate across the Atlantic, albeit with slightly different nuances. Google Latitude is surprisingly big in Europe, coming in a good second place after foursquare, and facebook places is off to a good start, […]

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The T-Mobile Buddy Finder: Lessons from the Past for Location Based Marketing

I clearly remember that day in early 2003. Sitting in the office of T-Mobile The Netherlands, with a working demo of a ‘buddy finder app’ avant la lettre, built on a Windows smartphone. In many ways that pitch represented all the hurdles the mobile revolution still had to take to get where we are now. […]

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