CIO CV – Marketing Skills Essential

As businesses struggle to do more with less, the pressure falls on the IT function and the CIO to demonstrate the value add of IT or risk being seen as a cost centre to be cut. This pressure, to demonstrate the business value of IT will continue to increase and CIOs need to accept this and gear themselves up to deal with it. The flip side of this is that if they can demonstrate this value perhaps the much coveted seat at the board room table is within reach.

In the past, many CIOs have been focused on operational issues and have been stuck in reactive mode. Often those that do very good work either providing critical operational services or completing valuable projects do not take the time to ensure that their organisation in general and their colleagues in particular know what is being delivered by the IT organisation. IT functions can work very hard to bring projects in on time and within budget but once a project is delivered they move on to the next without making sure the business understands and acknowledges the value delivered. In short, many CIOs just do not get the need to market themselves and their departments.

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