Managing the Complexity of Location Based Marketing

Like any new industry, the location based marketing sector is currently a dynamic sea of different engagement models, tool and platform providers, stakeholders and vertical solutions.  It seems that every week there is a new platform, business model or tool released while others disappear.  Trying to define, plan and execute a location based marketing strategy in this ever-changing environment is a real challenge for brands and agencies.  While there are plenty of suppliers providing solutions to meet individual specific components of a campaign there is a lack of credible providers who can work with organisations end to end, providing a layer of control, management and visibility across all components of the campaign.

Clarion’s LBMX (Location Based Marketing Execution) Framework provides an approach that helps our customers to “Manage the Complexity.”  The framework provides a structured model covering the key stages of any LBM campaign – Locate, Listen, Attract, Engage, Transact and Retain.  The model allows customer to manage and measure their campaigns and understand the ROMI from location driven campaigns.

The framework has been developed specifically to meet the needs of location driven campaigns.  The model is tool and platform agnostic – we plug and play with the most appropriate tools and platforms across the specific stages for a given campaign.

For organisations looking to execute a location based marketing campaign for the first time or for organisations that have had mixed results and returns from previous campaigns the Clarion LBMX model offers a managed and measurable approach to maximising the impact, effect and return from any LBM campaign.

About Clarion Consulting: Clarion Consulting’s LBM practice is an international Marketing consultancy, specialising in Social and Location Based Marketing as well as Program Management of Technology Channel Marketing. Through our lengthy experience in working for the IT industry, we combine an understanding of the technology of marketing (e.g. search-, social-, mobile- and location based marketing) with expertise in the marketing of technology (e.g. licensing, partner marketing, multi-sourcing and development lifecycle).  We understand ‘Locations’ place in marketing.  Clarion is the founding member of the EMEA LBMA Chapter.

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