Rapid Operating Model Assessment

An organisation’s ability to realise and exceed business objectives is directly based on the efficiency of its operating model. Our Rapid Operating Model Assessment is a short, sharp, highly focused appraisal of your model, identifying how it can be improved to deliver superior customer service.

At Clarion Consulting, we recognise the importance of having your operating model aligned with your business strategy so as to ensure your business objectives are fully realised and customer expectations are met.

Rapid Operating Model Assessment is a highly focused exercise typically completed over a short period of time of between 5 and 15 days. It is specifically designed to ensure business alignment by identifying which of the key components of your model require adjustment to more cost effectively and efficiently deliver on business strategy and meet the needs of your customers.

Working closely with your senior management team over a pre-agreed period for a fixed cost, our experienced consultants will carry out key steps in order to provide you with a clear strategy and plan to improve your operating performance.

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