Web Summits, Innovation and Gantt Charts!

As the Web Summit rocks into town again, for the last time in the foreseeable future, it brings along with it the annual excitement and hyperbole about innovation, pivoting, running lean and so on.  It can be easy to think that project management has no place in the worlds of the Web Summit and start-ups.  […]

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Webinar on Demand: State of the Project Management Nation

Tune into our Webinar on Demand and discover the 2012 highlights from our State of the Project management Nation research.  What’s in store for project management practitioners in the months and years ahead?  Click on the link below and find out now.

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The Importance of Managing Change in Implementation Projects

Within any implementation project there are multiple life-cycles and frameworks operating in parallel – the ‘Implementation life-cycle’ (providing a framework from the needs assessment, through system selection, implementation and benefits realisation); the ‘Project Management life-cycle’ (providing a structured framework for planning, control, monitoring and executing) and finally the ‘Change Management’ life-cycle (taking the enterprise from […]

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Project Management Practices: Ireland v Scotland

Scottish and Irish organisations have made a significant investment in project management skills, according to our research. At a high level, many companies have bought into the concept of using project management as a competitive tool and a discipline which can bring real organisational success. At a lower level , some project management processes are […]

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Improving Project Selection Processes

Making an informed decision about which projects to spend budget on has always been a challenge for organisations, but when times are tough and resource is scarce, this decision has become even more critical. Read more.

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Mixing It Up

Why a mixed vendor model makes sense when implementing large projects in challenging times. Many businesses are confronted by significant challenges in the months and years ahead. Faced with international currency fluctuations, a more challenging trading environment and downward pressure on margins, companies will be forced to come up with creative ways to protect operating […]

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Making your Project Sponsor Work for You

Every guide to successful project management will tell you that a critical success factor for any project is the presence of a committed, effective project sponsor and few would argue with that. However, as a project manager the effectiveness of the sponsor is outside my control, right? Wrong! There are many things that a project […]

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Climbing the Project Management Maturity Ladder

 PAT MILLAR of Clarion Consulting looks at howall organisations are really involved in projects whether they think so or not — and outlines what can be done to improve this process. Read more.

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BPR Projects

Conceptually, Business Process Re-engineering has been around since the 1990s. Although it is widely misunderstood as a theory and received its fair share of “bad press”, it is a concept which can have far-reaching consequences for customer satisfaction within the organisation. Read more.

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